Cleaning and Disinfection of Vehicles Against Coronavirus


26/05/2020 · COVID 19

What we use to clean our vehicles to prevent Coronavirus

At Taxi Santiago we carry out cleaning and disinfection between each service in all our vehicles with Ozone and Hypochlorous Acid , an ecological, innocuous, antiseptic and sterilizing compound.

At Taxi Santiago and Traslados Compostela we use ecological cleaning solutions that take care of the environment and protect our clients against Coronavirus

Hypochlorous Acid Cleaning. The perfect, sustainable and ecological antiseptic

We use a harmless and harmless solution capable of sterilizing our vehicles. It is an antiseptic generated in situ by electrolysis of water (H2O) and common salt (NaCI) from which a solution of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) results.

It is a revolutionary solution for cleaning and disinfection . By applying current to a saline solution, hypochlorous acid is created, an antiseptic compound with sterilizing capacity. Fully sustainable and ecological

Hypochlorous acid is considered one of the natural disinfectants with the greatest power of action for living beings. In this way, due to its broad spectrum, it is used to control and prevent a variety of infections of the skin and mucous membranes.

Ozone cleaning to disinfect our fleet

Ozone is an element that achieves a high disinfectant power by neutralizing viruses, fungi and bacteria. That is why its use has become so popular, because after a correct treatment of the interior of our car with Ozone, the possibility of survival of these organisms is practically nil. To get an idea of its power, it is up to 50 times more powerful than chlorine or its derivatives (bleach) , in addition to having an instantaneous power of action and without leaving residues after application

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