Taxi Uber and Cabify in Santiago de Compostela


05/12/2017 · TAXI SANTIAGO

Taxi Santiago is the most effective alternative to services such as Uber and Cabify in Santiago de Compostela. These types of services can be cheaper at first. But these types of companies lower and raise their prices depending on their demand, what in principle can be cheaper may vary depending on their needs and their marketing plans.

The Ministry of Development will articulate regulatory measures to prevent a "speculative bubble" from being generated with the purchase and sale of licenses for rental vehicle companies with driver, such as Uber and Cabify.

This is the commitment that the Department headed by Íñigo de la Serna has acquired in the meeting held this Tuesday with autonomous communities and municipalities to discuss the open conflict between the taxi sectors and firms such as Uber.

Specifically, Fomento intends to articulate, by means of regulations, measures that guarantee that the company that obtains a VTC license uses it to provide a service and not to market it when it deems appropriate based on the conditions that the market presents at all times.

De la Serna assures that they are aware that many of the licenses that are currently being granted through the courts, as a result of the legal vacuum registered between 2009 and 2013, are falling into the hands of a single owner. "It's hard to believe that he intends to serve all of them," he said.

The minister explained that it is a sector in which measures can be implemented to avoid 'bubbles' as it is a regulated activity, although he declined to specify the type of initiatives he is considering, since, according to he assured, they intend to have the Sufficient legal support to prevent them from being appealed in court.

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